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The African countries with the highest numbers of immigrants obtaining legal permanent residency in 2002 were Nigeria and Ethiopia.
In 2002, 8,129 immigrants from Nigeria obtained permanent resident status, followed by Ethiopia with 7,574, Egypt with 4,875, Somalia with 4,537, and Ghana with 4,256, according to the Department of Homeland Security Office of Immigration Statistics.

There are over 1 million African foreign born in the United States.
According to the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey (see related article), there were 1.0 million African foreign born residing in the United States in 2002.

The African foreign born make up 3 percent of the total foreign-born population.
Of the 33.0 million foreign born in the United States in 2002, 1.0 million or 3 percent were from Africa.

The largest group of African foreign born in the United States, by region of Africa, is made up of people from Western Africa.
Of the 1.0 million African foreign born, 35 percent were from Western Africa, followed by 26 percent from Eastern Africa, 20 percent from Northern Africa, 7 percent from Southern Africa, and less than 3 percent from Middle Africa, according to the 2002 American Community Survey (see Table 1 and Box 1).

Only one in every three African immigrants is a naturalized citizen.
According to the US Census Bureau, 34 percent of all African foreign born were naturalized citizens in 2002, while 66 percent were non-citizens..

Effects of Immigration on the Santa Clara County and California economies

  • 593, 683 total immigrants live in Santa Clara County.
  • In 1990 immigrants made up:
  • 25% of total Silicon Valley's Work Force
  • 30% of high tech workers
  • 32% of Scientists & Engineers in high-tech


  • Hotmail
  • Intel
  • JDS Uniphase
  • Sanmina Corp.
  • Solectron
  • SunMicro Systems
  • Yahoo


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S. 3757

Support for Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia Act of 2010

S.3757 -- Support for Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia Act of 2010 (Introduced in Senate - IS)

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S. 3757

  • Title: Support for Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia Act of 2010
  • Sponsor: Sen Feingold, Russell D. [WI] (introduced 8/5/2010) Cosponsors (1) Sen Leahy, Patrick J. [VT]
  • Latest Major Action: 8/5/2010 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Testimony to the House Subcommitteon Africa on Ethiopia's Troubled Internal Situation

Ethiopian Opposition Leader, Andargachew Tsege, Faces Torture and Death by Ruling Regime

San Jose, California, July 11 – Ethiopian opposition leader, Andargachew Tsege, was kidnapped during a stopover at Sana’a airport in Yemen on June 23 as he was traveling from the United Arab Emirates to Eritrea. He had broken no Yemeni laws and presented no harm or threat whatsoever to Yemen or Yemeni authorities. After being Read More

Andargachew Tsige: Letter From UK’s Foreign Office to Ethiopian American Council

Andargachew Tsige: Letter From UK’s Foreign Office to Ethiopian American Read More

June 11, 2014 VOA Reports on EAC’s endorsement Listen the details

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Scholastic Excellence Sets Ethiopian-American Youngster on Path to Success

Nahom-4 Hard Work and Mental Acumen At sixteen years of age, Nahom Marie, a young American man of Ethiopian extraction, is already starting to make a name for himself. He will be graduated from high school this spring at a rather young age. During his kindergarten years he was already exhibiting an intelligence that compelled his Read More

San Jose to Mark 31st Annual Ethiopian-American Cultural and Sports Festival with Ethiopian Heritage Flag Raising Ceremony

2014-SanJose San Jose, California, May 27 – For the tenth year in a row, the City of San Jose will once again hoist the Ethiopian Heritage Flag over New City Hall on Thursday July 3, at 04:00pm. San Jose city officials will be in attendance. The Ethiopian-American Council (EAC) and the civic leaders of San Jose Read More

Tom Hucker

hucker Silver Spring, Maryland, May 19– After considering the answers to a rather lengthy questionnaire, and after much discussion, the Ethiopian-American Council of North America (EAC) has decided to throw its social and financial support to the candidacy of The Honorable Tom Hucker for Council Member of District 5 of Montgomery County. Mr. Hucker is currently Read More

Obama and Kerry Finally May Be Hearing Heartfelt Ethiopian Cries for Human Rights and Civil Liberties

San Jose, California, May 12 – Security was high at a Democratic National Committee fund-raising reception at San Jose’s Fairmont Hotel on May 9. And Ethiopian Journalist Abebe Gellaw probably chanced arrest more than the chance of educating the Obama Administration about the abject tyranny to which the people of Ethiopia have been subjected. As Read More

Ethiopian-American Council Endorses Sam Liccard for San Jose Mayor

DSC_8614 San Jose, California, May 5, 2014 – With five major candidates in the race for Mayor of San Jose, California, the Ethiopian-American Council of North America (EAC) has decided to lend the organization’s support to front-runner Sam Liccard. Mr. Liccard is presently serving on the city council. San Jose, with nearby Oakland, is home to Read More

Ethiopian-American Community in Maryland Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett Upcoming Montgomery County Elections

“I am an Ethiopian.” Those were the opening words from Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett as he delivered the keynote speech at the Ethiopian Battle of Adwa Commemoration Ceremony held recently, for a standing-room-only audience, in Silver Spring, Maryland. The ceremony was sponsored and organized by the Ethiopian-Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA). Ethiopian Read More

Ethiopian-American Council Endorses Ike Leggett for Reelection

Tadias Magazine News Update Published: Friday, March 28th, 2014 New York (TADIAS) — The Ethiopian-American Council (EAC) announced their endorsement of Ike Leggett for reelection as Maryland’s Montgomery County Executive. Mr. Leggett, a Democrat, is running for a third term. In a statement EAC said the group is throwing “its full support [behind] the re-election Read More